Despina Sevasti is an artist and educator usually based in Athens. She is working with performance, text, painting, video, photography, sound, and whatever else makes sense, trying to queer her long time obsessions: The ideology of “Greekness”, “crisis”, “white democracy”, the politics of teaching, feminism, archaeology and other fun stuff.

She has pursued her studies at the Dutch Art Institute (MA Art Praxis, 2017), Goldsmiths College (MA Contemporary Art Theory, 2006), Athens School of Fine Arts (BA Sculpture, 2004) and the University of Athens (BA Archaeology & History of Art, 1999).

Despina has been teaching Art Foundation classes, painting, art history & theory in a variety of educational institutions in Athens since 2002. Though teaching is a significant part of her practice and her favourite labor, further professional endeavours include: Curator for the A-Station, Athens Centre for Contemporary Art (2002-2004), Project Manager for the 1st Athens Biennale ‘Destroy Athens’ (2007-8) and Head of Communications for the 3rd Athens Biennale ‘Monodrome’ (2011).