Scan Istanbul

Scan Istanbul, Suburbs of a 21st Century Metropolis
Curated by Despina Sevasti and Oguz Icsöz

In 2002-3 A-Station (Athens Center for Contemporary Art) organized the exhibition ‘Scan Istanbul, Suburbs of a 21st Century Metropolis’. Scan Istanbul was an interdisciplinary project where artists, architects, city planners and theoreticians from Istanbul and Athens examined the spatial realities and cultural narratives of the sprawling suburban cityscape of Istanbul. Scan Istanbul was the first project/ exhibition that dealt with the contemporary urban realities and politics of the megacity of Istanbul, as well as the first time that artists, researchers and academics from Turkey and Greece collaborated in a large scale critical research & common practice project in the visual cultures field. Part of ‘Scan Istanbul’ was later presented at the ‘City Scans 2002-5: Scan Istanbul-Transitional Athens 2004’ exhibition at UIA Istanbul 2005, produced by A-Station and coordinated by Despina Sevasti.

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